Report on China's Translation Industry, 07 24, 2015

Report on China's Translation Industry

The China Academy of Translation, the Translators Association of China (TAC) along with the Institute of China Translation Development published their second analysis report on Chinese language service sector -- "2014 Report on China's Translation Industry" on April 21, 2015.

Wang Gangyi, executive president of the China Academy of Translation and secretary-general of TAC, chaired the press conference. Over 200 people attended the conference, including experts from Chinese translation institutions and universities.

"This report reveals the latest survey of the Chinese translation industry's status quo with a more precise data and a more detailed analysis," said Huang Youyi, vice president of China Academy of Translation.

Institute of China Translation Development and Beijing Foreign Studies University joined TAC for the first time to release "2012 Report on China's Language Services Industry" and "2012 Report on China's Cultural Translation and Publishing Development" on December, 2012. It marked the establishment of a report releasing mechanism.