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2015年9月26日,国家主席习近平在纽约联合国总部出席联合国发展峰会并发表题为《谋共同永续发展 做合作共赢伙伴》的重要讲话。[新华社 马占成 摄]
国家主席习近平2015年9月26日在纽约联合国总部出席联合国发展峰会并发表题为《谋共同永续发展做合作共赢伙伴》的重要讲话。讲话全文如下:Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015 at the UN headquarters in New York on Sept. 26, 2015. Following is the full text:

谋共同永续发展 做合作共赢伙伴

Towards a Mutually Beneficial Partnership for Sustainable Development
— Speech at the UN Sustainable Development Summit

Xi Jinping
President of the People's Republic of China
New York, September 26, 2015

主席先生,各位同事:Mr. Co-Chairs, Distinguished Colleagues,

It gives me great pleasure to attend today's summit. With the United Nations marking its 70th anniversary, this is a significant and timely opportunity for world leaders to get together in New York to chart the course for future development.


Development bears on the hopes and the very survival of the peoples of all countries. It embodies the expression of their dignity and their rights. It is in such a context that we laid down the Millennium Development Goals 15 years ago in an effort to better the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

回首过去,我们经历了全球经济持续增长,也承受了国际金融危机严重冲击。我们见证了发展中国家的崛起,也面对着南北发展失衡的现实。我们既为11亿人民脱贫而深受鼓舞,也为8亿多人仍在挨饿而深为担忧。In the intervening years, we have witnessed both continued worldwide growth and severe consequences of the international financial crisis. We have seen both the sweeping rise of developing countries and the lingering imbalance between the North and the South. While elated at the fact that more than 1.1 billion people have since been raised from poverty, we cannot but feel deep concern that more than 800 million still go to bed every day with an empty stomach.
环顾世界,和平与发展仍然是当今时代两大主题。要解决好各种全球性挑战,包括最近发生在欧洲的难民危机,根本出路在于谋求和平、实现发展。面对重重挑战和道道难关,我们必须攥紧发展这把钥匙。唯有发展,才能消除冲突的根源。唯有发展,才能保障人民的基本权利。唯有发展,才能满足人民对美好生活的热切向往。At the global level, peace and development remain the dominant themes of the times. To properly address the range of global challenges we face, including the recent refugee crisis in Europe, there is no fundamental solution other than the pursuit of peace and development. Confronted by such a multiplicity of challenges and difficulties, we must hold fast to development as our master key, for only through development can we resolve the root cause of conflicts, safeguard the basic rights of the people, and meet the ardent hopes of people for a better future.
主席先生、各位同事!Mr. Co-Chairs, Distinguished Colleagues,
本次峰会通过的2015年后发展议程,为全球发展描绘了新愿景,为国际发展合作提供了新机遇。我们应该以此为新起点,共同走出一条公平、开放、全面、创新的发展之路,努力实现各国共同发展。The Post-2015 Development Agenda adopted by this summit draws up a new blueprint for global development and provides fresh opportunities for international cooperation. We should take this as a new starting point, work out a course of equitable, open, all-round and innovation-driven development, and strive to realize the common development of all countries.
——我们要争取公平的发展,让发展机会更加均等。各国都应成为全球发展的参与者、贡献者、受益者。不能一个国家发展、其他国家不发展,一部分国家发展、另一部分国家不发展。各国能力和水平有差异,在同一目标下,应该承担共同但有区别的责任。要完善全球经济治理,提高发展中国家代表性和发言权,给予各国平等参与规则制定的权利。— We need to ensure equitable development for all. All countries should have equal rights as participants in, contributors to, and beneficiaries of global development. This must not be a privilege available to just one or to a small number of countries, and inaccessible to a large number of others. Countries may differ in their capacity for development and the progress they have made towards their goals. In spite of this, they have shared objectives, and should bear the common – if differentiated – levels of responsibility. It is important to improve global economic governance, increase the representation and the voice of developing countries, and give all countries equal rights to participate in international rule-making.
——我们要坚持开放的发展,让发展成果惠及各方。在经济全球化时代,各国要打开大门搞建设,促进生产要素在全球范围更加自由便捷地流动。各国要共同维护多边贸易体制,构建开放型经济,实现共商、共建、共享。要尊重彼此的发展选择,相互借鉴发展经验,让不同发展道路交汇在成功的彼岸,让发展成果为各国人民共享。— We need to ensure open development, to deliver its benefits to all parties. With the steady onward march of economic globalization, all countries should keep their doors wide open and allow factors of production to flow more freely and smoothly across the world. It is important for all countries to uphold the multilateral trading system, build an open economy, and come to share the benefits through mutual consultation and joint collaboration. We should respect each other's choice of path towards development, draw on each other's experience, and bring these different paths together at the point of success, thus furnishing the rich fruits of development to all peoples.
——我们要追求全面的发展,让发展基础更加坚实。发展的最终目的是为了人民。在消除贫困、保障民生的同时,要维护社会公平正义,保证人人享有发展机遇、享有发展成果。要努力实现经济、社会、环境协调发展,实现人与社会、人与自然和谐相处。— We need to ensure all-round development to make the foundations more solid. Development will ultimately serve the people. While striving to eliminate poverty and improve standards of living, it is important for us to uphold equality and social justice and ensure that everyone has access to the opportunities and benefits of development. Efforts must be made to balance the development of the economy, society, and the environment, and achieve harmonious coexistence between man and society and between man and nature.
——我们要促进创新的发展,让发展潜力充分释放。创新带来生机,创新产生动力。发展中的问题只有通过发展才能解决。各国要以改革创新激发发展潜力、增强增长动力,培育新的核心竞争力。— We need to ensure innovation-driven development to release the potential to the greatest extent possible. Innovation is a vibrant driver. Problems arising in the process of development can only be resolved through further development. All countries should look to reform and innovation for ways to bring out their potential, build stronger engines for growth, and hone their competitive edge to the maximum.
主席先生、各位同事!Mr. Co-Chairs, Distinguished Colleagues,
2015年后发展议程是一份高标准的任务单,也是一份沉甸甸的承诺书。“一分部署,九分落实。”我倡议,国际社会加强合作,共同落实2015年后发展议程,努力实现合作共赢。The Post-2015 Development Agenda is an ambitious list of deliverables that carries with it our solemn commitment. It is often said that the worth of any plan lies in its implementation. I therefore call on the international community to redouble its collective efforts to achieve the joint implementation of the Post-2015 Development Agenda and work hard to realize our goal.
第一,增强各国发展能力。发展归根到底要靠本国自身努力。中国人讲:“量腹而受,量身而衣。”各国要根据自身禀赋特点,制定适合本国国情的发展战略。国际社会要帮助发展中国家加强能力建设,根据他们的实际需求,有针对性地提供支持和帮助。First, to build up capacity for development. Development, in the final analysis, is the job of individual countries. We Chinese say, "Eat according to the size of one's stomach and dress according to the size of one's figure." It is therefore necessary for each country to formulate its own development strategies that fit its strengths and national conditions. The international community has a duty to help developing countries grow their capacity and to provide them with support and assistance tailored to their actual needs.
第二,改善国际发展环境。和平与发展相辅相成。各国要共同维护国际和平,以和平促进发展,以发展巩固和平。发展还需要良好外部制度环境,国际金融机构要加快治理改革,多边开发机构要增加发展资源。Second, to improve the international environment for development. Peace and development go hand in hand. Countries should work together to maintain international peace, promoting development with peace and securing peace through development. A sound external institutional environment is required to sustain development. International financial institutions therefore need to step up the reform of their governance, and multilateral development agencies need to increase their supply of resources.
第三,优化发展伙伴关系。发达国家应该及时兑现承诺、履行义务,国际社会应该坚持南北合作主渠道地位,深化南南合作和三方合作,支持私营部门等利益攸关方在伙伴关系中发挥更大作用。Third, to update the partnership for development. Developed countries should honor their commitments and live up to their obligations in a timely manner. The international community, while maintaining the role of South-North cooperation as the main channel, should work to reinforce South-South and tripartite cooperation, and encourage the private sector and other stakeholders to play an even larger role in these partnerships.
第四,健全发展协调机制。各国要加强宏观经济政策协调,避免负面溢出效应。区域组织要加快一体化进程,通过域内优势互补提升整体竞争力。联合国要继续发挥领导作用。Fourth, to strengthen the coordination mechanisms for development. Countries need to step up coordination of their macroeconomic policies to avoid as far as possible negative spillover effects. Regional organizations should accelerate their integration and invigorate their overall competitiveness by exploiting intra-regional complementary advantages. The United Nations must continue to fulfill its leadership role.
主席先生、各位同事!Mr. Co-Chairs, Distinguished Colleagues,
改革开放30多年来,中国立足自身国情,走出了一条中国特色发展道路。中国基本实现了千年发展目标,贫困人口减少了4.39亿,在教育、卫生、妇女等领域取得显著成就。中国发展不仅增进了13亿多中国人的福祉,也有力促进了全球发展事业。Over the past 30 years and more since China inaugurated its reform and opening up, our country has followed a development path with distinct Chinese characteristics – one that was chosen in the light of our prevailing national conditions. Through our success in lifting 439 million people out of poverty and the remarkable progress we have made in areas such as education, health and development of women, we have essentially realized our Millennium Development Goals. China's development has not only improved the well-being of the 1.3 billion-plus Chinese people, but also given a strong boost to the global cause.
60多年来,中国积极参与国际发展合作,共向166个国家和国际组织提供了近4000亿元人民币援助,派遣60多万援助人员,其中700多名中国好儿女为他国发展献出了宝贵生命。Over the past six decades, China has taken an active part in international cooperation. We have provided 166 countries and international organizations with nearly RMB400 billion worth of development assistance and dispatched over 600,000 aid workers, more than 700 of whom have laid down their precious lives in aiding the development of other countries.
面向未来,中国将继续秉持义利相兼、以义为先的原则,同各国一道为实现2015年后发展议程作出努力。为此,我宣布:Looking to the future, China will continue to maintain an ethical balance between justice and its own interests by putting justice before such interests. We will join our own efforts with those of other countries in a concerted drive to realize the Post-2015 Development Agenda. To this end, I wish to announce the following:
——中国将设立“南南合作援助基金”,首期提供20亿美元,支持发展中国家落实2015年后发展议程。— China will establish an assistance fund for South-South cooperation, with an initial pledge of US$2 billion to support developing countries in their implementation of the Post-2015 Development Agenda.
——中国将继续增加对最不发达国家投资,力争2030年达到120亿美元。— China will continue to increase investment in the least-developed countries, aiming to attain a level of US$12 billion by 2030.
——中国将免除对有关最不发达国家、内陆发展中国家、小岛屿发展中国家截至2015年底到期未还的政府间无息贷款债务。— China will write off the debt on outstanding intergovernmental interest-free loans due by the end of 2015 owed by designated least-developed countries, landlocked developing countries, and small island developing countries.
——中国将设立国际发展知识中心,同各国一道研究和交流适合各自国情的发展理论和发展实践。— China will establish an international development knowledge center for studying and exchanging between countries on the theories and practice of development best-suited to their respective national conditions.
——中国倡议探讨构建全球能源互联网,推动以清洁和绿色方式满足全球电力需求。— China will propose a discussion on establishing a global energy internet to facilitate efforts to meet global power demand with clean and green alternatives.
中国也愿意同有关各方一道,继续推进“一带一路”建设,推动亚洲基础设施投资银行和金砖国家新开发银行早日投入运营、发挥作用,为发展中国家经济增长和民生改善贡献力量。China is also ready and willing to work with other stakeholders to make rapid progress on the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative,* to quickly render the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the BRICS New Development Bank operational, and to contribute to the economic growth of the developing countries and the well-being of their peoples.
主席先生、各位同事!Mr. Co-Chairs, Distinguished Colleagues,
中国郑重承诺,以落实2015年后发展议程为己任,团结协作,推动全球发展事业不断向前!We, the people of China, make this solemn pledge: to maintain our commitment to implementation of the Post-2015 Development Agenda as our bounden duty, to work together with the world as one, and to strive for continued progress in global development.
谢谢大家。Thank you.
* The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Initiative