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6月6日,国家主席习近平出席在北京钓鱼台国宾馆举行的第八轮中美战略与经济对话和第七轮中美人文交流高层磋商联合开幕式,并发表题为《为构建中美新型大国关系而不懈努力》的重要讲话。[新华社 鞠鹏 摄]
Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers a keynote speech at the joint opening ceremony of the eighth China-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialogue and the seventh China-U.S. High-Level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange, in Beijing, capital of China, June 6, 2016. [Ju Peng/Xinhua]




Making Unremitting Efforts for a New Model of Major-Country Relationship Between China and the United States
Remarks by H.E. Xi Jinping
President of the People’s Republic of China
At the Joint Opening Ceremony of
The Eighth Round of the China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue and the Seventh Round of the China-US High-level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange
Beijing, 6 June 2016

Secretary of State John Kerry,
Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends,
今天,第八轮中美战略与经济对话和第七轮中美人文交流高层磋商在北京举行。首先,我对对话和磋商的开幕,表示衷心的祝贺!对远道而来的美国朋友,表示热烈的欢迎!Today, the eighth round of the China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED) and the seventh round of the China-US High-level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange (CPE) are held here in Beijing. Let me begin by extending hearty congratulations on the opening of the S&ED and the CPE and a big welcome to American friends who have traveled all the way to China.
3年前的这个时节,我同奥巴马总统在安纳伯格庄园举行会晤,双方同意加强战略沟通,拓展务实合作,妥善管控分歧,努力构建中美新型大国关系。Almost around this time three years ago, President Obama and I met at the Annenberg Estate where agreement was reached for the two sides to step up strategic communication, expand practical cooperation, properly manage differences and work vigorously to build a new model of major-country relationship between China and the United States.
一分耕耘,一分收获。3年耕耘,我们有了不少收获。在双方努力下,中美两国在双边、地区、全球层面众多领域开展合作,推动两国关系发展取得新成果。两国贸易额和双向投资达到历史新高,人文和地方交流更加密切,网络、执法等领域合作和两军交往取得新进展。两国发表了3个气候变化联合声明,同国际社会一道推动达成具有历史意义的《巴黎协定》。两国在朝鲜半岛核、伊朗核、阿富汗、叙利亚等热点问题上也保持了有效沟通和协调。这些合作给中美双方带来了实实在在的利益,也有力促进了亚太地区及世界和平、稳定、发展。Hard work pays off, and our efforts over the past three years have come to fruition. Thanks to our concerted efforts, our two countries have cooperated at the bilateral, regional and global levels in a wide range of areas, registering new progress in our relations. We witnessed record highs in trade and two-way investment, enjoyed closer people-to-people and sub-national exchanges, and made new headway in cooperation in cyberspace, law enforcement and military-to-military exchanges. We issued three joint statements on climate change, and worked together with other countries for the conclusion of the historic Paris Agreement. We maintained effective communication and coordination on hotspot issues like the Korean nuclear issue, the Iranian nuclear issue, and Afghanistan and Syria. Such cooperation has brought tangible benefits to both countries and given a strong boost to peace, stability and development of the Asia-Pacific and beyond.
3年的成果来之不易,也给了我们很多启示,最根本的一条就是双方要坚持不冲突不对抗、相互尊重、合作共赢的原则,坚定不移推进中美新型大国关系建设。这个选择符合中美两国人民根本利益,也是各国人民普遍愿望。无论国际风云如何变幻,我们都应该坚持这个大方向,毫不动摇为之努力。What we achieved over the past three years has not come by easily, and could well serve as guide for the growth of China-US relations in the time to come. Most important, I believe, is that the two sides need to stay committed to the principles of non-confrontation, non-conflict, mutual respect and win-win cooperation, and work steadily toward this new model of major-country relations, for this is a choice that meets the fundamental interests of both the Chinese and American people as well as the wish of all people in the world. Whatever changes in the international landscape, we need to stay on track and work unswervingly toward this overarching goal.
现在,我们正处在一个快速发展变化的世界里。世界多极化、经济全球化、社会信息化深入推进,各种挑战层出不穷,各国利益紧密相连。零和博弈、冲突对抗早已不合时宜,同舟共济、合作共赢成为时代要求。作为世界上最大的发展中国家、最大的发达国家和前两大经济体,中美两国更应该从两国人民和各国人民根本利益出发,勇于担当,朝着构建中美新型大国关系的方向奋力前行。We now live in a world of rapid development and changes. The move toward multi-polarity, the increasing trend of globalization, and the quick application of information technologies have all been accompanied by growing challenges of various sorts, and have brought countries even closer than ever before. It is a time when ideas of zero-sum game and conflicts and confrontation must give way to common development and win-win cooperation. It thus falls upon China and the US, the largest developing and developed country respectively, and the two largest economies in the world, to act in the fundamental interests of our people and people of the world, and move steadily forward along the path of building this new model of major-country relationship.
——我们要增强两国互信。中国人历来讲究“信”。2000多年前,孔子就说:“人而无信,不知其可也。”信任是人与人关系的基础、国与国交往的前提。我们要防止浮云遮眼,避免战略误判,就要通过经常性沟通,积累战略互信。这个问题解决好了,中美合作基础就会更加坚实,动力就会更加强劲。China and the US need to increase mutual trust. For the Chinese, trust is always something to be cherished. In the word of Confucius, who lived over 2,000 years ago, a man without trust can hardly accomplish anything. Trust stands as the basis of relationship among people, and provides a prerequisite for state-to-state exchanges. For China and the US, we need to maintain frequent communication and build up strategic mutual trust in order to avoid strategic misjudgment and prevent temporary problems from affecting our overall relations. With sufficient mutual trust, China-US cooperation will stand on a more solid basis and enjoy even more robust growth.
——我们要积极拓展两国互利合作。建交37年来,中美合作内涵和外延不断扩大,两国人民从中受益。要秉持共赢理念,不断提高合作水平。当前,要着力加强宏观经济政策协调,同有关各方一道推动二十国集团领导人杭州峰会取得积极成果,向国际社会传递信心,为世界经济注入动力。要全力争取早日达成互利共赢的中美投资协定,打造经贸合作新亮点。要深化两国在气候变化、发展、网络、反恐、防扩散、两军、执法等领域交流合作,加强双方在重大国际和地区以及全球性问题上的沟通和协调,给两国人民带来更多实际利益,为世界和平、稳定、繁荣提供更多公共产品。China and the US need to expand mutually-beneficial cooperation. Over the past 37 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties, China-US cooperation has grown steadily in both width and depth, bringing real benefits to our people. We need to embrace a win-win perspective and move our cooperation to a higher level. It is imperative that we increase macro-economic policy coordination and work together with other parties concerned to ensure that the G20 Hangzhou Summit delivers positive outcomes to boost confidence and invigorate global growth. It is important that we do our best to conclude a mutually-beneficial bilateral investment treaty at the earliest possible date to foster a new highlight in business and trade cooperation. And it is important that we deepen exchange and cooperation in climate change, development, cyber issues, counter-terrorism, non-proliferation, military-to-military relations and law enforcement, and step up communication and coordination on major international and regional issues as well as issues of global significance. This way, we could bring more real benefits to our people and provide more public goods for greater peace, stability and prosperity of the world.
——我们要妥善管控分歧和敏感问题。中美两国各具特色,历史、文化、社会制度、民众诉求等不尽相同,双方存在一些分歧是难以避免的。世界是多样的,没有分歧就没有世界。一个家庭里还经常有这样那样的分歧。有了分歧并不可怕,关键是不要把分歧当成采取对抗态度的理由。有些分歧是可以通过努力解决的,双方应该加把劲,把它们解决掉。有些分歧可能一时解决不了,双方应该多从对方的具体处境着想,以务实和建设性的态度加以管控。只要双方遵循相互尊重、平等相待原则,坚持求同存异、聚同化异,就没有过不去的坎,中美两国关系就能避免受到大的干扰。China and the US need to properly manage differences and sensitive issues. China and the US, each with its own uniqueness, are different in terms of history, culture, social system and people's aspiration. Differing views between us are hardly avoidable. In fact, in this world of diversity, differences among countries are just natural. Even family members do not always see eye to eye. One should not be afraid of differences. What is most important is to refrain from taking the differences as excuses for confrontation. There are differences that could be addressed by redoubling our efforts. For those differences that cannot be settled for the time being, we need to manage them in a pragmatic and constructive fashion by putting ourselves in each other's shoes. As long as we observe the principles of mutual respect and equality, shelve differences to seek consensus, and try to resolve them through expanding common ground, we will be able to overcome difficulties and obstacles, and prevent major disruptions in bilateral relations.
——我们要就亚太事务加强沟通和合作。宽广的太平洋不应该成为各国博弈的竞技场,而应该成为大家包容合作的大平台。中国奉行亲诚惠容的周边外交理念,始终致力于促进亚太和平、稳定、发展。中美在亚太地区拥有广泛共同利益,应该保持经常性对话,开展更多合作,应对各种挑战,努力培育两国共同而非排他的“朋友圈”,都做地区繁荣稳定的建设者和守护者。China and the US need to increase communication and cooperation over Asia-Pacific affairs. The vast Pacific should be a stage for inclusive cooperation, not an arena for competition. China pursues a neighborhood diplomacy of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness, and is committed to advancing peace, stability and development in the Asia-Pacific region. The extensive common interests between China and the US in the Asia-Pacific make it possible for the two countries to keep frequent communication, have more cooperation, and jointly respond to challenges. The two countries may work together to foster a "circle of common friends" that is inclusive rather than exclusive, and both countries should play such a role that they will build and maintain prosperity and stability of this region.
——我们要厚植两国人民友谊。人民友好交往是国与国关系的源头活水。中美关系发展的基础是两国人民相互了解和友谊。我多次到访美国,无论是艾奥瓦州的老朋友,还是塔科马市林肯中学可爱的孩子们,对中国人民都抱有友好情谊,让我深受感动。我高兴地看到,去年两国人员往来近500万人次。双方要为两国各界交往搭建更多平台、提供更多便利,让中美友好薪火相传、生生不息。China and the US need to enhance friendship among the people. Friendship and exchange among the people provides constant driving force for growing bilateral relations. Mutual understanding and friendship of the peoples provides the basis for the growth of China-US relations. I visited the US many times. Be it my old friends in the State of Iowa, or the lovely children I met in the Lincoln High School of Tacoma, the American people have moved me deeply with their friendly sentiments towards the Chinese people. And I am glad to note that last year alone, some 5 million visits were made between the people of both sides. What we need to do is to build more platforms and keep facilitating these exchanges, so that the friendship between our people will go on from generation to generation.
女士们、先生们、朋友们!Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends,
今年是中国实施“十三五”规划开局之年。中国将贯彻全面建成小康社会、全面深化改革、全面依法治国、全面从严治党的战略布局,落实创新、协调、绿色、开放、共享的发展理念,着力推进供给侧结构性改革,推动转方式调结构,继续完善对外开放布局。我们对实现中国经济社会发展既定目标充满信心。中国将会为世界提供更多发展机遇,将会同包括美国在内的世界各国开展更密切的合作。This year marks the beginning of China's 13th Five-Year Plan. China will follow its strategic plan to build a society of moderate prosperity in all respects, and will comprehensively deepen reform, strengthen the rule of law, and enhance Party discipline. China's development will be guided by the principle of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development. China will redouble efforts to promote supply-side structural reforms, shift growth model through restructuring, and achieve better opening-up. We are confident that the goals set for economic and social development will be met as planned. China's development will mean more opportunities for the world and China will have even closer cooperation with the US and other countries.
中国坚定不移走和平发展道路,倡导各国共同走和平发展道路,推动构建以合作共赢为核心的新型国际关系,打造人类命运共同体。我们愿同世界各国加强合作,共同维护以联合国宪章宗旨和原则为核心的国际秩序和国际体系,推动国际秩序朝着更加公正合理的方向发展,让我们生活的这个星球更加美好。China is committed to the path of peaceful development. China calls on all countries to follow such a path and work to promote a new model of international relations featuring win-win cooperation, so as to foster a community of shared future for mankind. China will strengthen cooperation with other countries to jointly uphold the international order and system with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter at the core and make the existing international order more just and equitable. Working together, we can make the world a better place to live in.
女士们、先生们、朋友们!Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends,
中美战略与经济对话和人文交流高层磋商机制为增进两国战略互信、拓展互利合作、加深两国人民友谊发挥了重要作用。我向双方工作团队,向所有关心、支持对话和磋商的两国各界人士,表示衷心的感谢!希望双方团队不负重托、再接再厉,在接下来的两天里深入沟通、积累共识,取得更多实际成果。The S&ED and the CPE have played a significant role in increasing strategic mutual trust, expanding mutually-beneficial cooperation, and deepening friendship among the people. I wish to express heartfelt appreciation to our teams and to people from all walks of life of the two sides who have taken a great interest in and acted to support the dialogues and consultations. I hope that in the following two days our teams will rise up to their responsibilities, make persistent efforts to build consensus and produce more deliverables in the talks.
中国宋代诗人辛弃疾有一句名句,叫作“青山遮不住,毕竟东流去”。意思是天下的大江大河千回百转,历经多少曲折,最终都会奔流到海。只要我们坚定方向、锲而不舍,就一定能推动中美新型大国关系建设得到更大发展,更好造福两国人民和各国人民。Xin Qiji, a poet in China's Song Dynasty, once wrote, "Thick mountains could not stop the river from flowing into the sea." In fact, all rivers have to travel a meandering course before reaching their destination. For China and the US, as long as we stay focused on our goal and persevere in our efforts, we will be able to make even greater progress in building the new model of major-country relationship and deliver greater benefits not just to the people of our two countries but to people of all countries in the world.
最后,祝本轮中美战略与经济对话和人文交流高层磋商取得圆满成功!To conclude, I wish this round of the China-US S&ED and CPE a complete success.
谢谢大家。Thank you.